Our failure to create safety for all voices—to be simple and blunt—is keeping us from discovering the true future and abundance of Agile. Shifting diversity into inclusion is difficult. The work is hard to navigate. What if we say, or do, the wrong thing? This workshop starts with your story…

We, the facilitators, come from a privileged space in our communities. We invite other allies to join us in this participatory, fully hands-on, safe-to-fail workshop. We will each explore and practice ways to use the privilege available to us when we try to ally with those with less privilege.

We will ask you to leave your comfort zone in this session. This workshop will include an active, introspective look at intersectional privilege and white fragility.

If you come from a space with less privilege, we imagine you may be called by this invitation to join this workshop to observe, to monitor, or to share your lived experience. We welcome you. We will do our best to create a space that is safe enough for you.

We ask this of all allies:

  • Don’t tolerate hate regardless of who is—or isn’t—in the room.
  • Get OK with getting uncomfortable.
  • Accept the knowledge that you’ve messed up in the past and will mess up in the future.