Coaching circles

Coaching circles are a great opportunity to work with a small group of like minded agile enthusiasts to share your experiences and to learn and gain new insights from each other.

Roughly every quarter, SUGSA hosts a kick-off session to plan the next iteration of the circles. The circles will then run for about three months with the members of each circle meeting once every 2 weeks at a time and venue which best suits the group. Generally there are a number of concurrent circles running at any one time, which are usually distributed by area (CBD, Northern and Southern Suburbs etc). The grouping and distribution of the circles for each iteration is discussed and self organized among the attendees at the respective kick-off session.    

What’s the format?

  • Each circle consists of 6 to 8 people.
  • Circles have a host who provides the venue (home or office) which is to be decided by the group.
  • Circles have a co-ordinator who makes sure everyone knows when the next circle is happening, what the topic is and who is facilitating.
  • Facilitation is shared among all the members of the circle, so this rotates to different members.
  • Circles meet once every 2 weeks on a weeknight.
  • Circle are encouraged to align their format and conduct with the Agile principles.

Who are coaching circles for:

  • People who are passionate about Agile and want to get involved in the Agile community.
  • Committed individuals eager to learn and grow as part of a group.
  • People in any role and any size company, diversity is better.
  • A smaller and more focussed setting compared other meetups.

What coaching circles are not intended for:

  • Self promotion or any activities for commercial gain.
  • Obtaining some form of official certification for being part of the circle.
  • Ad Hoc attendance. Commitment and consistent attendance from all members are key to the success of a circle.

Interested in joining a coaching circle?  Email us to find out when the next kick-off session is expected to be scheduled. Make sure you let use know what area you are from. Read more about coaching circles on the FAQ page.