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Do you have a talk to share with the agile community?

We host events in Cape Town, Johannesburg & Durban.
We welcome talks and interactive workshops from a range of beginners, experienced speakers and subject matter experts. We’re interested in topics across the agile spectrum, from process, product & tech practices to management and agile beyond software.  We care about getting better at what we do and learning from others.

Please send us an email, with your 1.) abstract & 2.) learning objectives to propose your topic

Check out our events in Cape Town, Johannesburg & Durban.

Some Guidelines

Duration: The talk should be around 60 minutes (45 minutes without questions and max 75 mins).
Publicity: Your content should be informative, not an infomercial. As a speaker you are welcome to mention your company, their main focus and what your role is. Your talk and your expertise will sell you further, but please respect that we rely on our sponsors to fund the events, in exchange for the opportunity to deliver their message. They will be thanked, and may be distributing pamphlets or have small giveaways. We don’t want to dilute their message with competition from the speaker – this is a sure fire way of not attracting further sponsorship.


  1. Get in touch with us by providing your 1.) abstract & 2.) learning objectives to see whether your topic fits, and when we have space available.
  2. Once we’re good to go, we need a talk synopsis, brief speaker bio and photo for our mailer, by the 12th of the previous month. These go into the event email and onto the Meetup event page.
  3. We also need to know a few venue details – is it a talk or workshop; are you using slides; for interactive talks how the room should be set up, is there a limit to the audience size, and so on.
  4. On the night: please be at the venue by 5:30 to test the AV setup and make sure the room layout is as you expected.

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