SUGSA Monthly Meetup Sponsorship Opportunities

The Scrum User Group of South Africa (SUGSA) is the first official Scrum Alliance user group in Africa. SUGSA is a non-profit group, run by a committee of volunteers. We look to local businesses for sponsorship in order to create a thriving community that benefits us all.

SUGSA’s purpose is to create opportunities for learning, sharing or connecting in support of a healthy, vibrant community of users of agile and light-weight software development methods and processes. It aims to improve the agile practices in South Africa by sharing experiences of success and failure, good practices, and expert presentations.

In order to achieve this aim, SUGSA organises monthly events in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Each event provides the opportunity to learn from one or more speakers, or to participate in interactive workshops, as well as to meet other community members.

The events take place on the last Thursday of every month at 6pm in the evening in Cape Town and on the second Wednesday of every month at 6pm in Johannesburg. Drinks and snacks are served beforehand, creating the opportunity for members and guests to exchange ideas and network.

These events have grown in popularity and currently attract between 40 and 100 people at each event. Attendees are usually agile practitioners from a variety of roles: developers, testers, analysts, Product Owners, Scrum Masters and managers. It also attracts those interested in learning about agile who are not yet practicing it in their current environment.

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Sponsorship Packages

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You are mentioned in the Meetup invite

Be featured in the Meetup invite by adding an abstract of your choice (100 words)

Sponsor banners may be put up during the event

Sponsor may give promotional flyers out at the event

Sponsors may give gifts out at the event

Be thanked at the beginning of the event

Be thanked on a dedicated thank you slide with a Logo 

Be thanked on a combined thank you slide

Be given a 3 minute promotional speaking opportunity before or after the talking slot


a 5-7 minute educational lightning talk

Be mentioned on Twitter during/after the event

Sponsor logo will appear on our website for the current committee year



The Sponsor pays R6000 to be the sole sponsor of a MeetUp which they host at their venue


The Sponsor is the sole sponsor of a MeetUp for which they provide food and drinks, and host at their venue.



The Sponsor pays R6000 to be the sponsor of a MeetUp in conjunction with a venue sponsor.



The Sponsor pays R4000 to be the food sponsor of a MeetUp.


The sponsor  makes a venue available for a MeetUp and thereby becomes a co-sponsor for that MeetUp.


The sponsor  gives 'Swag' eg speaker's gifts, t-shirts, etc.

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