We have a group retrospective to talk about feelings, and how the groups could be better next time around,
so you are welcome to reuse some of that if you want

Add your name to the overflow section and we will see how we can accommodate you, or start your own group.

That’s fine, they don’t know you either then. Perhaps make up a fake name and persona the first time you attend. If you like the people, exit the room and come back to introduce the real you.

Nope, it’s all free. It’s does require commitment though

That depends on your group. We usually rotate the snacks and drinks bringer, and set some sort of budget to it.

Of course you can. We have done this in the past as well. It worked well for us for or or 2 of the sessions.

Yes, That is encouraged. It would be great if you could pop an email to the group after a session mentioning the outcomes and major learnings. Also if your group blogs about it, send us a link.

Decide who will facilitate each topic. The facilitator is then expected to send out some prep work to the group, be in in forms of research papers, of books or even drawings. This is done so that everyone has some understanding and opinion on the subject. This helps with lively and loud debates.

What worked for us in the past is to come together and list everything that you feel a need on to discuss/ explore or learn more about. Group it into overlapping areas, if that occurs. so 2 items might be covered by one topic. Group then dot-votes and you have your backlog.

We like to encourage some prep work for all group members. Let’s say the topic is about team dysfunctions, Each member should read the 5 dysfunctions of a team before we meet.

I can only speak for the circles that I have been involved in, so here goes:

Everyone gathers, say hi, make some small talk and then get into what the topic is for the night. Learning and debate happens, and we usually end of with a quick retro.

No, when joining the group, you are committing to 6 sessions, every two weeks.

There’s a section in the list where you can add your name. Or if you know a couple of people in your area that’s keen, why not create a group and it it to the list?

It’s preferential, however many members without any experience joined experienced groups and it seemed to work well. If you are unsure, ask the Group host

Read more here:

Please use this document to add your name and email address to the list if you intend on joining a circle (please add your name end email address so that the coordinator can contact you).

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