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What makes a great Product Owner and what stops a Product Owner being a great Product Owner? How can we influence the desirable behaviors?


In this interactive session we will explore both desirable and undesirable traits that we could experience in a Product Owner. We will examine which traits apply to each of a selection of world leaders, past and present, and by doing so determine who could be the true leader of the world.

This session is designed to crystallize attendees’thoughts as to what a Product Owner whould be doing and how they should be doing and how they should be interacting with the rest of the team and also the stakeholders.  The session users past and present world leaders to help highlight, through the behavior of the characters, both desirable and undesirable behaviors.

Speaker Biography:

Iain is an award winning trainer, coach and practitioner who has successfully used Scrum together with other agile and lean frameworks over a number of years both in project recovery and green field projects.  Ian has been extremely successful in helping many organisations adopt or improve their use of Scrum including United Health, BBC, Cisco and BskyB.

Iain has recruited – has always been driven by his belief that there is always a better way to do things and has focused very much on the human side of product development whcih has resulted in hime having a reputation for building heigh performing teams through servant leadership. One of Iain’s teams delivered a new product into the healthcare market 4 weeks after the team was recruited – a product which resulted in 1M saving per year having been realised by the customer.

This year Iain is co-Chairing the Global Scrum Gathering in Dublin.




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