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DevOps has become possible largely due to a combination of new operations tools and established agile engineering practices, but these are not enough to realise the benefits of DevOps. Even with the best tools, DevOps is just a buzzword if you don’t have the right culture. Join Rouan as he explores what DevOps culture looks like and how it supports rapid, scalable production releases. He’ll talk about collaboration and how important shared responsibility is to enable it. He’ll cover the cultural shifts that need to happen within an organisation in order to support DevOps, including supporting autonomous teams and breaking down silos. He’ll also provide some insight into the culture of successful teams in a DevOps environment, by showing you how they build quality in, focus on feedback and automate (almost) everything.

Rouan Wilsenach (@rouanw) is a software developer at ThoughtWorks in Johannesburg. He has experience consulting for clients in the financial services, health, media and education sectors. He has worked as an agile coach, helping teams learn and adopt agile engineering practices, and has helped businesses with organisation-wide agile adoption.








This meetup is sponsored by entelect


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